Madhavi is a lone daughter of Keshavarao, an exponent of the traditional Mysore paintings. Denied of motherly love very early in the life, Madhavi develops a strange feeling for her father during her formative years. It is an obsession bordering on insanity. Her unusual feelings, which should have subsided with time, remain dormant in her psyche. Well-known psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud defines such a state of mind as Electra complex, a daughter’s unresolved attraction to her father. Madhavi’s married life does not find fruition as it is undermined by her cluttered psyche. She is overcome by jealousy and raises a storm when Nava, a foreign girl, comes to learn traditional paintings under Keshavarao. With her actions revealing her unnatural psyche, the family life collapses and her husband Vibhin finds himself in a quandary. Madhavi even fails to see her daughter Rachana’s childhood cravings. The painful realization forces Keshavarao to find a way out of the family labyrinth. A few years later, Madhavi discovers that her father is in distant Kashi and goes searching for him. The eerie life of Kashi, the mysterious happenings, and the people longing for death in Mukthibhavan with the belief of attaining salvation, create a sense of disenchantment in her. She slowly begins to comprehend the incomprehensible.