The film plots about Govardhan (Vijay Deverakonda), a middle-class young man, is an architect who works for a small company in Hyderabad and is always burdened with many financial and family issues. He meets a wealthy entrepreneur Indu(Mrunali Thakur), who rents the top level of his house and quickly becomes close to Govardhan’s family. Indu and Govardhan both fall in love together. As Govardhan is ready to propose to her, he learns that Indu rented the upper part of his house for her project. Govardhan is shocked to hear this, slaps her and vows to teach her a lesson. He directly accepts a position at a large company in New York. After joining the company, Govardhan discovers another shocking twist. Later, Govardhan and Indu hate each other and get into big conflicts. Will Govardhan and Indu overcome their misunderstandings and reconcile?