Maharaj Kans rules Mathura and lives a lavish and wealthy lifestyle. He gets his sister, Devki, married to Vasudev, but shortly after the marriage finds out that Devki’s 8th child will kill him. He imprisons both Devki and Vasudev, and kills all children one by one – but shortly before the birth of the 8th child, Vasudev is miraculously able to transport him to distant Gokul in the house of Nand and Yashoda, and takes back their daughter instead. When Kans finds out about the birth of the 8th child, he goes to kill her, but the child turns out to be Devi Maa, who mocks him and tells him that Devki’s 8th child is still alive. Kans sets forth his men and demons to kill every newborn child, and having done that is satisfied that no one can now kill him. Unknown to him, Devki’s 8th child is still alive, has been named Krishan, lives a wealthy lifestyle with his foster parents, kills the demon who was meant to kill him, and grows up getting under the skin of every young woman in Gokul. As a teen he falls in love with a married woman, Radha, much to the chagrin of her mother-in-law. Krishan then vanquishes Kaaliya, the Serpent from the river, Jamuna, and asks all Gokulers to stop sending milk, butter, and yogurt to Mathura, much to the displeasure of Radha’s husband, Ahley, who is a supporter of Kans. While Krishan is occupied with pranks and flirting with Gokul belles, Kans gets a forewarning that his death is destined at Krishan’s hands, and he and other palace officials concoct a scheme to lure the youngster to Mathura, at the hands of none other than Nand’s brother, and then kill him. Not knowing what awaits him, Krishan accompanies his uncle to Mathura, and is stopped on the way by Radha, who confesses that she will not be able to live without him and pleads not to leave. Watch the explanation provided by Krishanji to Radha, as he displays his true form and the reason behind his birth.