While passing through Andher Nagri, a long-distance train comes to an unexpected halt. Passengers, including Kavi and unemployed Ram, who is traveling with his widowed mother and sister, Vimla, alight to inquire from the Station Master. They are told that due to railways lines being washed away, the train has been delayed for 24 hours. A businessman, Nasibchand, and his wife, quickly make their way to a nearby business, owned by Naina and her widowed father, and rent it for the day. Hoping to profit by selling food and water to stranded passengers, he hires passengers who can cook and draw water from the well and sell it to other passengers. Ram becomes the local hero when he rescues Naina from the well, and she falls in love with him. Little does she know that he will soon make plans to wed Rajkumari Indira – the runaway daughter of Raja Adiraj – a decision that will change everyone’s lives – while others, including a Pandit and a thief, prepare to carry out their very own respective agendas.