Karmu is a farmer in a village named Uthup and lives with his widowed mother. A village belle named Somu is attracted to him and would like to marry him. Karmu’s mom approves of her, but Karmu has a dream of marrying a celestial nymph. He does meet the girl of his dreams, Nanki of Huthu Village, at a fair, and both of them fall in love. Feigning illness, Karmu and his friend, Trithu visit Huthu village and meet Nanki’s dad, Vaidraj Mehto, and his son, Jaggu. Thereafter, Karmu would travel frequently to Huthu singing, and dancing on the way, calling out to his beloved. He wants to marry Nanki, but she wants him to approach her dad formally, seek his consent, and then she will marry him. Accordingly, Karmu asks his mother, who agrees to meet with Mehto, but returns back humiliated as Mehto wants Nanki to marry a much richer man. Karmu again travels to Huthu – this time not singing and dancing, but with anger, bloodshot eyes, and a sharpened axe in his hand, to avenge the humiliation of his mom.