Tariq aka Amandeep Singh IPS, who is a RAW field operative, will be working in Pakistan as a tailor. He will fall in love with Bling girl Nasreen and get married to her. He has been called a traitor son as his father committed suicide for being a traitor. He will be working on a secret mission to investigate Pakistan’s involvement in creating nuclear weapons. He joins hands with Aslam Usmaniya and Raman Singh, two other RAW agents stationed in Pakistan. Although it wasn’t enough to just know the whereabouts of the nuclear factory, they had to provide physical evidence so that India could stop Israel from bombing the wrong location. He will be successful in the mission and stops Pakistan from creating nuclear weapons. Pakistan RAW officers find out this and kill Aslam and Raman and many other secret RAW agents from India. Amandeep leaves for Dubai with his wife, Nasreen. In the airport, Amandeep will be killed and Nasreen will fly to Dubai. Nasreen learns about his death from a letter written by Amandeep.