Shakti and Shaitan Singh are two brothers who belong to a gang of bandits, headed by the their dad, Bahadur Singh. One day while on a looting rampage in Jamalpur Village, Shakti is wounded and takes shelter with Harkishen and his daughter, Lali. He loses consciousness for several days, while the rest of the bandits think he is dead. When Shakti regains his senses he and Lali fall in love with each other, but Lali wants him to lead a honest life, and it is only then that he can marry her. Shakti decides to go straight to win Lali’s hand, he decides to help a near-blind woman, Janki, to till her land. When Shaitan finds out that Shakti is still alive, he goes to welcome him back, but Shakti refuses to return. He refuses to return even when Bahadur comes to get him. Bahadur aims to shoot and kill Shakti, but someone shoots and kills Bahadur. An enraged Shaitan wants to find out his father’s killer, and decides to kill one villager every week until Shakti and the villagers point out who the killer is. It is then Shaitan finds out that Shakti is not really his brother but someone who was abducted as a child from Jamalpur years ago. With the blood tie no longer in existence, looks like Shakti’s days as a honest man are numbered, for no way is Shaitan going to spare him now.