Daredevil Circus trapeze artistes, Vijay and Radha, who also goes by the name of Lisa, are in love with each other. The circus is run by Radha’s dad, G.D. Sapru. One day they decide to do another daredevil act without any safety net support to break their fall. As a result, Radha misses Vijay and falls down to the ground, is seriously wounded, and hospitalized. After she recovers, she is told that her face has been completely disfigured. She decides not to show her face to Vijay and goes abroad forever. Then Vijay is approached by a group of Hindu priests who want him to locate two statues of Bhagwan Shri Kishan and Devi Maa Radha through the treacherous and mountainous region between India and Burma. Vijay agrees to do so and accompanied by Mangu, Changu, Sandoz, they set out on their journey. They are met with G.D. Sapru and his niece, Tina, who looks like Radha. Vijay meets a dying Poojary, who tells him the secret location of the statues and passes away. Vijay bravely sets forth, not knowing that two separate gangs, one led by Malhotra, who is Sapru’s friend, and the other led by the dreaded King Mong, are also very close on their foot-steps – and their mission is also the same – obtain the statues by any and all means.