Raghuvir is a career criminal, and one day he is arrested by the Police, tried in Court, and sentenced to a long prison term. Shortly thereafter, he breaks out of prison, goes to the Judge who sentenced him, kills him, his wife, three sons, and two daughters. The Police chase, shoot him, wounded, he falls into a river and is believed to be dead. Twenty years later, Dilip, who lives a wealthy and care-free lifestyle with his widowed dad, Karamchand, is told that he has been adopted, and the person responsible for killing his dad, mom, and siblings, is Raghuvir whose body has never been found. Dilip gives up his care-free existence, takes the assistance of his friend, Ram, and goes to look for Raghuvir. What Dilip does not know is that Raghuvir is none other than Ram’s father, who has been missing for 20 years. Watch what happens when Ram finds out that Dilip is going to kill his dad, and the impact this has on their friendship.