Ajith is a college student and an aspiring filmmaker who lives with his friends in Thunga Boy’s Hostel and is criticized for not having a proper “story and structure” in his films. One night before the exams, the hostel warden Ramesh Kumar commits suicide with a note blaming Ajith, along with his friends and some students behind his death. Panic-stricken, Ajith and his friends along with the students decide to get rid of the body with the help of his seniors Genie, Echo, and Swami. Later, it is revealed that Ramesh is actually alive and was helping Ajith in making a short film based on his suicide in the hostel, but Ajith didn’t expect Genie, Echo, and Swami’s help as the story didn’t demand it. Unpredictable and hilarious situations ensue like hostel batches gang-wars and former drunk students creating chaos. Ajith’s friends and the students soon learn about the truth but decide to help him in filming the climax. After shooting the climax, everyone heads back to study for their exams while Ramesh realizes that he was irresponsible in his duties and decides to correct them. While preparing for the exam, Ajith and the students learn that the question paper has been leaked, and the exams are postponed.