Hit 2 is a sequel to hit. The story starts with a man named Ram Prasad Koduri who perceives his wife Jhansi’s extramarital affair and feels broken. Jhansi claimed the wrong allegations about his husband and was arrested on false marital assault charges. Krishna Dev KD(Adivisesh) is an SP in the Homicidal Intervention Team (HIT) of  Andhra Pradesh. He is in a live-in relationship with Aarya (Meenakshi Chaudhary), an entrepreneur who owns a boutique and is an active member of an association for women’s welfare. A woman named Sanjana who will be working in the bar will be brutally killed.  KD is assigned to the case, he learns from the forensic department that, the body of the body parts they found at the crime spot is apparently of Sanjana, only the head is hers and the other body parts are of three other women. Through a bite mark on Sanjana’s neck, it is discovered that the murderer has an extra tooth on his incisors. KD enquires about her roommates and also meets her parents, KD and his team interrogate the staff but to no avail. KD meets Sanjana’s parents and through one of her photos of her childhood friends, he realizes that Sanjana had a friend Raghavudu, with an extra tooth on his incisors like that of the murderer.  KD interrogates him and suspects him as the culprit of murdering Sanjana and goes to his residence in Vizag, finds the shoes that exactly match the prints found at the crime scene. Raghavudu claims that he did not murder Sanjana, but refuses to reveal where he was when the murder took place. As the court hearing starts and due to political pressure as the brutality of the murder earns great criticism from the public and media, KD’s superior orders an encounter to be operated. KD stops the encounter as he hasn’t proved that he killed Sanjana by seeking help, and sends him a video proving Raghavudu’s presence in Kakinada during the murder. Raghuvudu commits suicide and KD finds out  Raghavudu was with his lover, who is married, in Kakinada during the murder to protect her from being humiliated for meeting him, he refused to disclose where he was. KD gets threatening calls and his wife has been targeted. He provides special security for his wife as she is pregnant. KD finds out about women from members of the women’s welfare association who have been targeted. They also find Jhansi was brutally murdered who also belongs women’s welfare association, she worked as president. Kd reaches her home and finds out some clues about the case. He finds out Jhansi had a son who was living with his father Ramprasad, who committed suicide due to fake allegations against him. The son and his father used to live together in a tree house. KD reaches the spot and finds out that Ramprasad used to hate his mother Jhansi and he killed his mother. Later the tree was set on fire and KD gets to know that culprit is a dentist.Ram prasad kidnaps Kd’s wife Arya and tries to kill her. KD gets to know about his place and realizes that Rajeev is none other than Rajitha who is Sanjana’s roommate boyfriend Kumar, who captures KD and threatens to kill Aarya.  KD judges the criminals as dumb which feels Kumar annoyed and decided to challenge KD but he had taken it personally when KD made him burn his house which his father built. KD’s pet Max attacks and mauls Kumar, while KD unties himself and defeats Kumar with Varsha’s assistance, injuring him badly. After a few days, KD files for a transfer to Telangana and marries Aarya. Arjun Sarkaar (Nani), KD’s replacement, arrives to congratulate him.