Prankster Dhanush is the leader of the gang and just to have some fun, they decide to send a letter stating that on a particular date, a train travelling from Mysore to Bangalore will be bombed. However, what they realize later after posting is that one of the friends who wasn’t in on the prank put a return address on the letter which could get them in trouble. In a hurry, they get into the RMS bogey of the train and after a lot of twists finally manage to extract the letter from the pile. In this process, Dhanush discovers that on the same day, a real plot has been hatched by terrorists to blow up the Gandhadagudi Express. He decides to locate it and foil the plan. In the process of his journey, they take a break at one of the friend’s houses where Priya (Archana Gupta) lives and in no time, love from their past blooms inside Priya. Dhanush makes fun of her childhood love, but in the end he also has real feelings for her.