Ravi lives a middle-class lifestyle with his blind dad; mom, Durga; married sister, Mohini, who spends more time here than with her husband and mother-in-law; step-brother Adarsh, his wife, Sita, and their son, Raju; brother Badal, and his wife, Shobha. Durga had always high hopes on her sons and had wanted them to get married to wealthy girls so that she get a lot of dowry by way of cash, jewelery, gold, and clothes. Unfortunately, her step-son fell in love with Sita, who came from a poor family, and married her. To make matters worse, Badal had a love-marriage with gorgeous Shobha, who did not bring any dowry either. Finally, Ravi married Radha, who is an orphan living with a poor lifestyle with her maternal uncle and his wife, and had no dowry to bring. After his marriage, Ravi leaves town for employment reasons. Then one day he receives a letter from Shobha informing him that Radha is misbehaving with the entire family, especially with Durga. Angered at Radha, Ravi returns home, belittles and slaps Radha, and leaves home when Adarsh scolds him. It is after he leaves home that he will find out what really happened behind his back, and why Radha is not getting along with his family.