The story shows about a girl named Rinku Suryavanshi who is from Bihar, chased by her family goons at the railway station as she tries to elope with her long-term boyfriend. Her family wants her to get married to some random guy. They will find a guy named “Vishu” who kidnaps him and forces them to get married. Vishu who has already engaged hides his marriage from her Finance Mandy. During their engagement, she will get to know and calls off their marriage. Rinku tells about her boyfriend Sajjad who does exist as it is her imagination. Vishu gets to know that Rinku is mentally ill through his friend Madhusudhan, who is a psychiatrist. They both try to help her through medications and convince her about her mental illness. Sajjad is her father, and he had eloped with her mother Manjari to get married. The Suryavanshis filed a case and gets Sajjad arrested. She tries to meet him secretly after Rinku’s father gets released. Sajjad used to perform in a circus. During an event he had a fire walking performance the Suryavanshis replaced the artificial fuel with real fuel, which burns Sajjad. Manjari realizes that Sajjad is burning and runs to him to save him, but both die together in the flames in front of little Rinku. This flashback of Rinku affected her, and she used to think her father is alive through her imagination. Later she faces and accepts her truth. She reunites with Vishu at the end.