The story starts with Rajendran Palanisamy(Sarath Kumar) who is a famous businessman. His son Vijay Rajendran(Vijay) left the house as he rejected to join the family business and instead decided to launch a food delivery startup. Seven years later, Rajendran is diagnosed with advanced-stage pancreatic cancer and has only a few more months to live. He decides to reveal his terminal condition and make one of his two elder sons, Jai or Ajay, the chairman of the company, before his impending death. Rajendran decides to celebrate his 65th birthday in a grand manner, with the intention of announcing both matters during the celebration. Vijay is also invited at the request of his mother Sudha(Jaysudha), who still considers him her son. Vijay arrives only to find his house in disarray. Jai the first son of Rajendran is cheating on his wife, Aarthi, with another woman, Smitha, and neglecting his family in the process, including his teenage daughter, Ria. Ajay (Second son)owes a huge amount of money to Mukesh, a financier. When he is not able to repay the money, he offers to leak his company’s secrets to his father’s business rival, Jayaprakash JP (Prakash Raj) the two elder brothers themselves do not speak with each other and constantly fight for their father’s successor. Vijay meets Divya who is the sister of Aarthi and she has crush on Vijay since childhood. During Rajendran’s 65th celebration P and Mukesh reveal the duplicity of Jai and Ajay, which distraught the entire family, particularly Aarthi, who decides to file for divorce, as well as Rajendran, who has lost a business deal to JP due to Ajay’s duplicity. Rajendran asks Vijay to join the family business as his other 2 sons are in trouble. He refuses first and decides to leave . Later, agrees to take over the business after learning about Rajendran’s illness. Jai and Ajay leave the house and joins hand with JP and Mukesh to get rid of Vijay as the chairman, but Vijay manages to cross the hurdles and neatly handles the family business. Aarti’s daughter Rai was kidnapped, and Vijay recuses Ria from Human Trafficking. Vijay makes Jay realize the value of family and Jay realizes his mistakes and reconciles with Vijay, Aarthi, and the rest of the family. Vijay and Jai team up to stop Ajay from selling their company’s shares to JP, where they make him realize his mistakes. With the whole family now united, they have a hearty meal together, much to the happiness of Rajendran and Sudha. When Rajendran dies, the three brothers perform his funeral together and scatter his ashes in Varanasi.