The story portrays a girl(Shraddha Kapoor) and a boy (Ranbir Kapoor) who are in love with each other but due to some misunderstanding, they drift apart. They get separated as the girl Tinni who is an independent working woman wants a separate family and space. The guy, Mickey belongs to a joint family and does not want to choose between family and her. Mickey runs his own business as a break-up consultant. He runs a business and helps a couple who wants to break up. Tinni and Mickey fall in love with each other , Mickey tries to get her and convinces their parents for the marriage. Tinni is not comfortable with Mickey’s family as it is a joint family and she wants a separate house and her own family. Tinni feels she is not ready for the marriage and decides to break up with Mickey. Tinni contacts the break-up consultant on the phone, not knowing that it is, in fact, Mickey, and asks for help in breaking up with him. Unaware that he is speaking with Tinni, Mickey agrees to help. Mickey soon finds out that the client is none other than Tinni and is heartbroken as she did not discuss her concerns with him and tried to sort out the misunderstandings. He decides to play along and beat Tinni at her own game. He suggests Tinni do a jealousy test, which can lead to their breakup. Tinni hires a guy to act as an old friend(Kartik Aaryan) of hers and dances seductively with him in front of Mickey. But Mickey pretends to not notice and remains unaffected. Next, Mickey suggests doing a loyalty test and Tinni hires a girl to seduce Mickey and if he cheats on her, then she could easily break up with him. But Mickey does not give in and acts as a loyal partner, failing this plan as well. Mickey asks Tinni the reason for breaking up with him and Tinni reveals that she does not want to live with family after the marriage and wants to live independently so that they can have their own space. Knowing that Mickey loves his family dearly and not wanting to make him choose between her and his family, she wants to break up with him. Mickey does not want to leave his family for her and decides to go ahead with breaking off the marriage. He suggests to Tinni to say that she has received a job offer in BangaloreĀ and that she would permanently move there after the marriage. Going by the plan, she tells this to Mickey and he angrily lashes out at her, saying that she should have discussed it with him beforehand, as this is not acceptable to him. Their marriage is broken off and they part . Tinni realized that the breakup consultant was in fact, Mickey. She confronts him about it and says that she is disappointed as even after knowing the truth, he did not try to sort out the matter with her and that she still loves him. She says that she would be permanently leaving for London and heading to the airport. Mickey’s family advises him to not let her go by compromising his love for them. Mickey, along with his whole family rush to the airport to stop Tinni and reach her just as she is about to board the flight. She tries to make Mickey take the oath he made her take and then Mickey proposes to her to marry Mickey and she accepts. They both get married and live happily together as a family.