The movie starts with a real estate businessman Ayaan Kapoor(Sidharth Malhotra)who is in debt of 16 crores.  He wanted to sell his house to repay his debt but could not find any buyer and started living at his wife’s house with his wife – Inspector Ruhi(Rakul Preet Singh) – and daughter Pihu.

Ayaan will be met with a road accident, and regains consciousness in Heaven where the gods  Yamaduta and Chitragupta (Ajay Devgn) provide him a chance to send him back to Earth by asking him to play a game called Game Of Life, which means a life of Karma. There are two containers, one to be filled with white balls representing his positives, and the other with black balls representing his sins and weaknesses. The initial position for Ayaan is difficult as he starts off with a lot of black balls. Ayaan is shown to be jealous of his wife Ruhi as she’s an inspector whereas Ayaan has failed to become an inspector. Chitragupta puts him in a scenario where he’s an inspector tasked to save a hostage. However, his failure to do so shows him that the reality is that he couldn’t have been a better inspector when compared to Ruhi. Ayaan is shown to be the one who believes in God but he still gets black balls because of his lack of humanity.

Chitragupta challenges him to apologize to his elder sister for blaming her for their father’s death during their childhood of the burning of their father’s house. He apologizes and  He wins by earning white balls due to which Chitragupta awards him a check of 18 crores for the sale of the house, something that even Ayaan couldn’t do. However, Chitragupta sees a tattoo of another woman on Ayaan’s elbow, earning him many black balls. Chitragupta shows his reality, where his wife and relatives were planning to buy him a new car after hearing that his car would be towed due to his bank loan. But the car which collided with Aayan’s car was the new car that Ruhi bought for Ayaan. He returns to earth and regains his consciousness and realizes his wife and daughter are in serious condition as Ruhi’s kidney is affected. Aayan earns a reputation in real estate, but was about to lose his family. Ayaan signed a donor form before becoming unconscious again due to an overdose of some pills. Later on, he again returns to heaven, where Chitragupta and his father are proud of him. Chitragupta blesses Ayaan and his family with a new life. The Doctors give Ayaan news that a man bought his dead relative’s body, but didn’t reveal his name. However, it’s revealed that the man was wearing a locket where it was written CG. After being blessed with new life, Ayaan gets his ancestral home repaired and also adopts a child. This time, he’s a changed man who now gives more importance to his family.