Shatranj, the hindi film released in 1993 isstory of three brothers Dharamraj (Kader Khan), Dinky Mithun Chakraborty) and Dino (Jackie Shroff). Dharamraj runs a garage with his two younger brothers and has remained a bachelor all his life as he hates women. He also forbids his brothers from falling in love and getting married. Tension between the brothers arises when Dinky and Dino meet and fall in love with Radha (Juhi Chawla) and Renu (Divya Bharti). After Dharamraj stops them from marrying Renu and Radha, the brothers leave home. They soon discover the real reason Dharamraj hates women. They are actually the real heirs of a wealthy business empire that was run by their father (Vikas Anand) before his death. Their father had remarried after their mother’s death and their stepmother (Usha Nadkarni) ill treated them. They also have a stepbrother Robin (Shakti Kapoor). This was the reason why Dharamraj left home and took his two brothers with him. He vowed to never marry as he feared his wife would also ill treat his brothers. Dino and Dinky return home to their brother and he slowly starts to approve of Renu and Radha. Meanwhile their stepmother has left her business in the hands of the corrupt Prajpati (Kiran Kumar) who is also the actual killer of their father. The brothers soon unite with Robin to save their stepmother when Prajpanti plans to steal their wealth and frame them for his crimes.