Humble School Teacher with his 2 sons and a daughter arrives at a new place. He finds the school building is in bad shape and his staff are not motivated to teach. He is a strict disciplinarian, which is shown in humorous way. His elder son gets into fight with a ruffian student Vaasu. Vaasu is punished, but his innate goodness wins over his teacher. Vaasu is given special care, to become a good student. He has to fight against village politics, when he wishes to build a new building to the school. Undeterred, he motivates his students and villages to amass enough funds to build it. However, henchmen in the village burn down his house. His pet student Vaasu gathers all his friends and builds a small house for his teacher. Years pass and Vaasu tops matriculation exams. Teacher’s sons get married much against the wishes of their parents, but teacher takes it in his stride. Their beautiful daughter is married to simpleton business man. When Teacher retires, his sons are averse to take their parents. With no savings of his own, Teacher has to rely on his sons to lead retired life. Elder son takes his father, while younger one takes his mother. Teacher is thus separated from his wife. Things take such a bad turn, that teacher cannot even read his wife’s letter, because his sons will not provide him with spectacles. In the climax, teacher’s erstwhile house, which was painfully constructed by his students, has to be auctioned off. Vaasu Sivaji Ganeshan, now the Superintendent of Police happens to pass by in the car and notices the auction. Distraught with pain, he confides to his wife, this is the very house, he built with his fellow-students for the teacher, who led him to the garden path. He is overcome by emotions, on seeing the auction. Vaasu’s wife immediately removes all her jewellery and urges Vaasu to use them to stop the auction and pay the bank. Vaasu is filled with joy and does so. Vaasu makes his school teacher’s life with joy and Teacher is filled with happiness on seeing his once ruffian student becoming a role model. His journey of teacher has met a satisfactory end.