Tanu was born dumb, and it was through a miracle at a Hindu temple that he got his voice back. His vocal talents did not go unnoticed by Sage Haridas, who decided to make him his disciple, and asked him and his childhood sweetheart, Hansa, to live with Mohammed Khauj, and then trains him. Years later, Tanu has grown up, and is ready to get married to Hansa, but instead is asked by Mohammad to attend to Raja Ramchandra’s palace and live there. After some time he is referred to as Sangeet Shiromani Tansen, & told that he can marry Hansa now, however, before that could happen, he is summoned to sing for Shahenshah Jalaudin Akbar. A heartbroken Tansen re-locates to Delhi, and is so depressed that he loses his voice, which is restored after Hansa joins him. Akbar is all set to permit the duo to get married, it is then Hansa witnesses Tansen not only being very intimate with a dancer, Naaz Praveen, but quite unconcerned about Mohammad’s failing health, and decides to leave him. The question remains what will be the impact on Tansen when he finds out that Hansa has left him, &will fate permit these two to enjoy marital bliss in this lifetime?