After apprehending a number of Jihadi terrorists in Kashmir, Subedar Surya returns home to his mother, Shanta; dad, Surendra; sister, Kaveri; and brother, Deva, who all live in village in Southern India. The entire family is aware that Surya is in love with his childhood sweetheart, Gauri, and arrange their engagement. After the engagement, Gauri father, Virendra, asks Surya to quit the army and take up farming, but Surya refuses, so the engagement is broken off. A heartbroken and bitter Surya decides to cancel his leave and return back to Kashmir, but Gauri tells him that she loves him and both decide to get married. During the marriage ceremony, Virendra intervenes and refuses to permit Gauri to get married, and when she insists, he curses her. The wedding takes place nevertheless, but shortly thereafter, war breaks out and Surya is asked to re-locate to Kargil – not realizing that he may never return and Virendra’s curse may well come true after all.