Childless farmer Ram Dayal comes across an abandoned child, who had landed from a spaceship, takes him home to his wife, where they decide to adopt him and name him Jaikumar. When he grows up he excels in wrestling, overcoming even much older children. Then he uses his powers to discover buried treasure, which his foster father donates to the Government. Years later, Jaikumar has re-located to Bombay where he works as a Journalist with a publication called ‘Azad Desh’. Using his super-powers, he is able to unearth a number of criminal conspiracies and makes phone calls as ‘Mr. Superman’ to Inspector Dilip Desai. Then a series of robberies take place and the police are notified by victim/complainants that the culprit is none other than the masked caped crusader himself. Watch what impact this has on Jaikumar’s credibility with the police and public on one hand and with gangsters on the other.