Widowed Rajkumar Chauhan is an honest and diligent Income Tax Officer, who does his job without being intimidated or accepting bribes. He lives with his son, Vikram, and his mom. When College exams ends, he finds out that Vikram has failed, thrashes him soundly, and the family subsequently relocate to Bombay where Rajkumar is promoted as the Income Tax Commissioner. Rajkumar finds out that local politician, Dhansukhbhai Dharamshi, has amassed considerable wealth, organizes a raid on his palatial bungalow, recovers cash hidden in a bed mattress, as well as gold coins beneath the doghouse. An agitated Dhansukh attempts to pacify Rajkumar, by first offering him bribes and then intimidation, but it proves to be all in vain. Then Dhanshukh finds out that his college-going daughter, Dolly, has fallen in love with Vikram – and he decides to make use of this romance in order to get even with Rajkumar. Watch what happens when Vikram’s birthday celebrations turn sour after Dhansukhbhai reveals his ‘extra-curricular activities’, and the impact this has on Rajkumar, his mom, and Vikram.