Sachein Santhosh who will be studying in final year proposes his classmate Anjali, who rejects him. After moving back to his hometown, Aluva, he plans to shift to the UK for higher studies, leaving all his troubles behind. His visa application is rejected due to insufficient funds, leaving him with one more chance to re-apply after six months. Meanwhile, he is aimlessly living his life, helping his father with deliveries from his bakery. On one such delivery, he meets his childhood friend, Amal Davis, rekindling their friendship. While he is still contemplating on what to do next, Amal suggests joining a Gate Course in Hyderabad with him, until he can re-apply for his visa and also as a backup, should the visa be rejected again. He agrees and moves to Hyderabad with Amal. In Hyderabad, Reenu Roy, a girl in her early twenties, has just joined the development team of an IT company, Ospyn, where a pompous man named Aadhi is the senior developer. Reenu moves in with her friend Karthika, and another roommate, Niharika. Sachein meets Reenu in a wedding and fall for her. they all strike a friendship during the wedding. Due to unexpected circumstances, Reenu and Karthika choose to return to Hyderabad with Sachin and Amal. Sachein finds a job at fast food restaurant to┬ástay in Hyderabad and wants to find out more about Reenu. Amal tries to hint about Sachin’s crush through Karthika at a pub, but she shoots him down saying Reenu is looking for someone mature and accomplished unlike Sachin, who does not have a plan even for tomorrow. After a lot of soul searching, Sachin decides to confess his love to Reenu directly, but she rejects him and says she wants someone who is mature and settled in life. Sachin dejectedly decides to move to Chennai with his friend from college. However, Reenu realizes that she has developed feelings for Sachin, but she is unsure. She tries in vain to convince him to come back, as Sachin does not respond to her calls or messages. After a few months, Sachin and Reenu meet at Karthika’s engagement party. Reenu tries to talk to him, but Sachin acts like he has moved on and informs her that his visa has been approved and he is leaving for the UK the next morning. Aadhi suddenly accosts Sachin and Amal and demands to have a conversation with them. Sachin and Amal, both being very drunk and tired of Aadhi’s antics, mock Aadhi and remark that Reenu will reject him as well. To prove Sachin and Amal wrong, an overconfident Aadhi asks Reenu in front of everyone at the party whether she loves him, and she brusquely replies ‘no’, sparking further taunts and horse laughs from Sachin and Amal. Humiliated by this, Aadhi vows to exact revenge on Sachin and Amal, and leaves the party. Sachin is still not interested in talking to Reenu and sleeps at the party. The next morning, Amal and Sachin leave for the airport and Reenu joins them. En route, Aadhi and his goons ambush them, but Reenu saves Sachin and Amal by incapacitating Aadhi with the pepper spray┬áthat Aadhi himself had given her for self-defense. Reenu confesses her love to Sachin and says “From now on, we are in a long-distance relationship. Let’s see how that goes” and bids farewell at the airport. There is a throwback to a previous scene of Karthika, Niharika and Reenu sitting together on the terrace, where Karthika asks Niharika to find a boy for Reenu. Niharika accepts the task and throws a beer can over the terrace saying that whoever it lands on will be Reenu’s future husband; it lands on Sachin as he is walking with Amal.