The Central Bureau Of Investigations’ Chief briefs his men that a group of terrorists are about to strike in India, and he points out the options they have for combating them. They go over the list of operatives they have, and decide to pick Agent Miss 420 for this job, which she accepts. Before she can even begin her investigations, she is killed in her car with an explosive device. A news-reporter, Arvind, comes across come evidence against a underworld gangster,Diwan Kapoor alias DK. But before he could even tender this evidence to authorities, he is abducted by DK’s men, then imprisoned and tortured. Arvind’s sister, Anamika, and her boyfriend, Vicky, go to look for Arvind. What Vicky does not know is that Anamika is not who she claims to be, and that they have entered a web of lies and deceit, from which few have returned alive.