Durga lives a poor lifestyle in Rajapur along with her brother, Kishan. She is of marriageable age and Kishan arranges her marriage with her childhood sweetheart, Shankar Singh and goes to the Singh residence to confirm this. After this confirmation while returning home he is shot dead by a bandit Gadar Singh. Before this news reaches Durga, she is gang-raped by four men, Jagawar, Ranjit, Baktawar, and Dilawar. Then she gets the devastating news of Kishan’s death. Then she is sexually molested by Gadar. A kind-hearted bandit and former Fauji in the Indian Army, takes pity on her, inducts her in his gang, teaches her self-defense, and Durga, in turn, darkens her face and swears never to wash it until and unless she kills all five of her molesters. Things take a turn for the worst when Shankar Singh, who is a Police Inspector, takes charge and decides to bring Ajit and Durga’s vengeance to a abrupt halt. Betrayed by one of his own bandits, Rajju, the brother of bandit Ganga, Ajit is arrested and held in a cell. Now Durga is alone once again and this time she is pitied against the Police, her five molesters, as well as a vengeful Ganga, who wants Shankar for himself.