Neha lives a wealthy lifestyle with businessman dad, Vishal Batra, and mom. She likes surfing the net, and on doing so meets Vicky. Both meet in person, fall in love, and want to get married. Vishal approves of Vicky, but wants him to find employment in 7 days. Vicky sets to seek employment and finds out that it is not an easy task. When the deadline is almost over, he meets with businessman Armaan Kochar who agrees to hire him provided he lets Neha spend a night with him. A desperate Vicky agrees to do so, and as a result Armaan does get to spend the night with a young lady. All seems well in Vicky and Neha’s world, but now Mrs. Batra wants Vicky to get a flat or the marriage will not take place. Once again Vicky goes to Armaan, and once again he is asked to send Neha to spend a night with him. Vicky then tells him that Neha has passed away, but he will find another girl for him. Armaan provides a furnished flat for Vicky on the same terms and conditions, but before that could happen, Armaan sees Neha performing at a night club, and on confronting her, is told that the girl is not Neha but a call-girl named Bijlee, hired by Vicky to impersonate Neha. A infuriated Armaan decides to pull the rug from under Vicky’s feet, fires him from the job, and evicts him. Then Armaan gets kidnapped and held for ransom for 2 Crore Rupees. The Police are notified by Armaan’s wife, Kaajal, who had witnessed a physical confrontation between her husband and Vicky, and blames Vicky for kidnapping Armaan. The question remains, did Vicky really abduct Armaan?