After a train meets with an accident, the Commissioner is convinced that this is one of many acts of sabotage. He instructs his men to be on the look-out for a gang led by Scorpion. Shortly thereafter he gets a phone call from Gomes, the owner of Twist Music & Photo, who claims to have evidence against Scorpion but wants Rs.1 Lakh. The cash is arranged to be delivered to him, but before that could happen, gangsters locate Gomes, and he hides the evidence in a guitar owned by a musician, Vicky, who collects it and departs. The gangsters gravely injure Gomes and decide to go after Vicky. After a performance, they approach him and offer to buy the guitar, but he refuses to part with it, and goes to spend the night with his girlfriend, Nancy. This is where the duo will be interrupted by the arrival of Gomes, followed closely by the gangsters, who shoot Gomes dead. Vicky manages to escape with the guitar, goes to the Police Station to notify them. The Police arrive but are unable to locate Gomes’ body, and Nancy refuses to corroborate his story. With the police refusing to believe him, gangsters still hot on his trail, he goes on the run, boards a goods train and meets with a rebellious wealthy woman, Roma. After the gangsters force the train to stop, the duo flee and end up being rescued by an eccentric male, Jaanibhai. The trio will soon realize that they have been ensnared in a web of lies and deceit from which there is no escape.