Sapna lives a very poor lifestyle in a town called Ramgarh in India. She has no family of her own, but lives with an older woman who she calls Mausi, and two grandchildren. Sapna is a petty thief and a pick-pocket, & is very well known to the local Police. When Police Inspector Kumar takes charge of Ramgarh Police Station, he has Sapna arrested on several counts of theft and holds her in a cell, but eventually lets her go after warning her. Then Sapna sneaks into a dance troupe, Deepak Theatre, and performs a song and dance number which is very much appreciated by the owner, Deepak, who asks her to accompany him to Bombay, which she does. Very soon she becomes a popular star, calls herself Sangeeta, and her photographs are splashed all over the media. She decides to return to Ramgarh to do one show before touring Europe. Watch what happens when Sapna returns home and the impact this visit has on the people of Ramgarh as well as the local Police.