Viraj is a famous fashion photographer with a studio in Mumbai with his six-year-old daughter Mahi, a 6-year-old girl with cystic fibrosis. Mahi, curious about her mother, earns the promise of her story if she tops her class. Viraj delays, causing a rift. Mahi goes missing but is saved by Yashna. Both Yashna and Mahi force Viraj to tell the story of Varsha. Viraj recalls falling in love with Varsha in Coonoor. They marry, but Varsha’s aversion to parenthood strains their relationship. Mahi’s birth reveals her cystic fibrosis, leading to further strain and regret from Varsha for marrying Viraj and conceiving Mahi.

After an accident erases Varsha’s memories, she leaves Viraj and Mahi. Mahi’s and Yashna’s bond starts to strengthen and Viraj sensing this decides to go on an impromptu trip to Goa. Yashna plans Mahi’s birthday in Goa, uncovering Viraj’s forgetfulness. Conflicts arise, and Yashna’s past unfolds, bringing emotional turmoil. Mahi, Pluto, Viraj, and Yashna share a fleeting but cherished moment.

As Yashna’s wedding approaches, Mahi yearns for Yashna’s promised surprise. Viraj, fearing