Womazing and alcoholic Rajiv Tandon lives a wealthy lifestyle with his widowed industrialist dad, Shankardayal in a palatial house. When his dad unexpectedly passes away, he wills that all his wealth and money will only be inherited by Rajiv after he gets birth to a son within 18 months of his passing. Rajiv is not interested in marriage, nor in any permanent relationship with any woman, and is prepared to re-distribute his dad’s wealth amongst their relatives. When he takes note of their greed, he decides to give birth to a heir as per his dad’s wishes. The only problem is that he does not want to marry but just have a sexual relationship with a woman, who must give birth to a child, and then leave his life forever. After a long search he comes across Aarti Saxena, who he would like to have his child with. She refuses initially, but when financial crisis threaten her, she agrees to this relationship. Rajiv accepts, even though Aarti’s profession is that of a call-girl and escort. He arranges for her in live in comfort, has a car and servants for her disposal. Soon she gets pregnant. Shortly before giving birth, she writes to Rajiv, breaking off their understanding, and leaving for an unknown destination. The question is, with her gone, so is the avenue to Rajiv’s inheritance, and the easy and selfish life he has been accustomed to.