In 2020, an aged Manu runs away from a hospital in London. She connects with an immigration lawyer, Puru Patel, and asks him to connect her with Hardy, her ex-lover. In Laltu, Punjab, an aged Hardy is ecstatic to receive Manu’s call. She asks him to meet her in Dubai, so that he can bring her back to India through dunki.

In 1995, Manu and her friends, Buggu and Ballu, live in Laltu, and yearn to immigrate to London for a better life. Poor and uneducated, they are unable to procure a visa, despite trying various methods. One day, an ex-soldier Hardy arrives in their village. Manu’s brother had saved his life in combat, and he has come back to return his personal belongings, but realises that he has died in an accident, leaving Manu and her family in dire financial need. He promises to help Manu reach London, as a return for her brother’s kindness. They enroll at an IELTS coaching class taught by Geetu Gulati, where they meet Sukhi. Sukhi wants to immigrate to London to save his ex-lover, who was married off to an NRI man who physically abuses her. Only Balli clears the exams, and the rest fail.

Once in London, Balli tells Sukhi that his ex has committed suicide, due to which Sukhi too kills himself. Traumatised, Hardy promises to take Manu and Buggu to London himself through dunki