The story revolves around a boy named Chakravarthi Ganeshan who wants to explore his talent and wanted to become a great man. He joins an engineering college under the pressure of his strict father. His father has been strict from childhood. In the college, Bhumi is a strict Disciplinarian professor and tortures students. Chakravarthy couldn’t tolerate these things and tried to change and he will make him transfer to a different country. His love interest Angaiyarkanni joins as a junior in his college. They love each other since their school days due to fear of his father they part ways. He wants to become a director so he participates in a competition to become a director. He shoots in college without anyone’s knowledge. But Bhumi will come to the college and changes everything as he becomes the principal. He threatens Charavathi that he won’t get a degree. His father will get to know about his interest in directing they both will have the fight, he leaves the house. Later he realizes about his father’s sacrifices. His father dies and he makes a film about his father’s story and becomes the best director.