Gora, Ajay, Anjali and her husband, Bipin are amongst a group of freedom-fighters actively involved in trying to force the British to leave Hindustan. Their plans to carry out bomb explosions are foiled when Bipin betrays them and is even ready to identify them in Court. During the Court hearing, Gora shoots and injures him, and he as well as Anjali and Ajay flee to Portuguese-occupied Goa. Gora, who gets shot, recuperates in the clinic of a rebel doctor, while the others lie low. He is instructed to masquerade as the husband of Nurse Meenakshi, and after his recovery befriends a dancer/singer, Kitty. Through her admirer, he acquires property where they propose to manufacture medicines and explosives. But nothing will prepare him and the others for the shocks and treachery that await them.