The beast film portrays the story of  RAW agent Veera Raghavan(Vijay), who was assigned to capture the terrorist Umar Farooq in Kashmir. He completes his mission but during the mission, a missile shot a child and the child dies. This traumatizes Veera and he quits RAW. After some months he meets Preethi(Pooja Hegde)at a wedding, who convinces him to join her Security agency  Domnic and Soldier headed by Domanic Irudhayaraj. Preethi and Irudhayaraj, Veera visits the East Coast mall, which is the last client of their agency where he observes suspicious activities in the mall and deduces that someone else has taken over it. The terrorists were dressed as Santa Claus and hijacked the mall. The government, led by Veera’s ex-associate Althaf Hussain, tries to negotiate with the terrorists, who demand the release of Farooq. Althaf learns that Veera is also trapped inside the mall, and manages to establish contact with him. Althaf tries to convince Veera to help them. Veera is convinced when he realizes that the terrorists are here for Farooq. He kills one of the terrorists, captures another one alive, and brings him to their hideout. The Home Minister, who is in league with the terrorists, gets them to stage the execution of his wife and daughter Aparna, who are also in the mall, on live TV. The government agrees to release Farooq. Veera manages to escape and executes Saif and the terrorist while making sure the hostages escape to safety. The Home Minister is arrested for his involvement with the terrorists. Meanwhile, amidst all the negotiation, Farooq was released. A month later, Veera finds and captures him in Pakistan and after surviving a long air chase against the Pakistan Air Force, manages to bring him back to India to have him arrested.