Ajay Dixit(Varun Dhawan) is an image-conscious, narcissist who teaches history at a school in Lucknow He hates his life of lies, despite the awe and respect people hold him to, courtesy of his philosophical tendency to “fake it till you make it”. Married to the beautiful but epileptic Nisha(Janhvi Kapoor), who is much smarter and more intelligent than him, she has been grounded, since he does not want her seizures to ruin his reputation.

Ajay finds himself and his image in jeopardy when one of his students, Atul Raghuvanshi, is slapped by him in frustration over a doubt regarding World War 11. Atul turns out to be the son of MLA Vishwas Raghuvanshi. Out of despair of wanting to escape the wrath of the MLA, Ajay decides to visit places across Europe he deems were important to World War II, tagging Nisha along with him as his parents hope it could resolve their marital conflicts. This sets them off on a journey that changes their entire perspectives and their views on interpersonal conflicts, as they cover both life and history lessons along the way