A mother sacrifices for her family. But a step-son? This is a story of a woman, her step-son, her natural son, daughter and alcoholic husband. A freak accident occurs, where Prabhat, in saving his step-mother, ends up mute; which starts him on his journey of unappreciated sacrifice. A kind factory owner gives him a job, his labour supporting his half brother, sister and step-mother, while his father is in jail, and even after his release. Prabhat discovers a plot to defraud his employer, gets the criminal to be jailed and invites retribution into his household. When offered the role of Manager of the business by a grateful employer, Prabhat nominates his half-brother Surya for the job, only to find himself unemployed soon there after. Neha, Prabhat’s childhood friend loves him through thick and thin, and is a source of constant support and encouragement. She battles parental disapproval to keep the flame of love burning through her constancy. Surya, influenced by a group of fraudsters commits fraud, outcomes of which Prashant sets out to redress. The romantic story of two monkeys, Raja and Rani is skilfully interwoven into the plot. Anu, as the daughter of Prem, the former manager of the factory where Prabhat and Surya are employed sets a course for herself and Prabhat’s family that leads them to a climactic conclusion, of the chain of events that began with her father’s arrest and detention.