A boy from Chambal, Manoj Kumar Sharma is a 12th fail son of an upright clerk and grandson of a subehdar of police who died in action. His father is suspended for hitting a corrupt officer. Manoj prepares for his Class 12 exam by making small chits, as do all his batch mates as this is an entrenched system supported by the school and the local MLA who dictates all students must pass. As a result, Manoj and everyone else failed their 12th board exams. Meanwhile, his father goes to challenge his suspension in the High Court, leaving the burden of family to Manoj and his brother. The brothers decide to put together a traveling car and charge fees so that he can help out at home. Manoj’s brother is caught on false charges and the corrupt officers try to make them guilty to punish their father for hitting their superior. But the new DSP Dushyant Singh stops them. When Manoj requests to learn how to become a high-ranking officer like Dushyant, and he advises him to stop cheating. One year later, Manoj passed his class 12 exams in the 3rd division without cheating and chose to do BA {Bachelor of Arts} to become a DSP. His grandmother gives him all her savings as he sets out to study in the government PSC coaching center in Gwalior, but it is stolen when he reaches Gwalior. At Gwalior, he meets Pritam Pandey, who had also come to study for PSC. His father now tells him to study for UPSC in Delhi. Manoj travels with Pritam to Delhi to study & become an IPS officer. He meets Gauri Bhaiya who is on his last attempt to clear the examination and provides Manoj with job opportunities and a place to study. The interview results come for Gauri Bhaiya and it is revealed that he has failed, meaning that he will never become an IPS officer, Gauri Bhaiya opens a coaching institute and tea stall named ‘Restart’ and provides his services for free. Next year Manoj takes his preliminary examinations but fails. With Gauri Bhaiya’s help, he again gives the preliminary examination the next year and clears it. He also meets Shraddha Joshi, who is doing PCS, and falls in love with her. Despite his best efforts, Manoj failed to clear his main examinations that year as well. Gauri Bhaiya moves Manoj to his own house and tells him to give up working odd jobs and start to completely focus on his studies. He does so and clears not only the Prelims but the Mains Examinations as well. Around this time, Pritam, who had repeatedly failed all the exams, gets jealous of Manoj and falsely reports to Shraddha’s father that Shraddha was sleeping with Manoj in Delhi. This causes a wrench in their relationship but eventually is cleared even though Manoj becomes very angry with Pritam. He had realized earlier that Pritam wanted to work as a reporter, yet his father was forcing him to do UPSC and advised Pritam to stand up against his father. Manoj gives his interview and honestly responds to all the questions. He reads a letter written to him by Shraddha asking him to marry her. He happily gives the interview and comes out smiling.

2 months later, when the results are declared, Manoj realizes he has topped the class and breaks down crying with emotion. One Year Later, Manoj became a High-Ranking IPS Officer and went to meet DSP Dushyant Singh police station at Mandsaur in Madhya Pradesh to thank him for encouraging to Manoj for give up cheating, both were happy about their success.