In order to acquire the land of a hardworking farmer; Thakur Shamsher Singh murder him in the presence of his wife and two young sons, Vishnu and Devaa. Enraged Vishnu run off killing allot of Shamsher’s henchmen and in retaliation Shamsher raped and kill his mother framing him for this killing. Vishnu is then placed before the court of law where-by he is found guilty and is remanded to prison but Vishnu manages to escape with the police hot on his tail. He then take refuge with a man named Baba; an undertaker by profession. Thirsty for revenge Vishnu is desperate to locate Shamsher Singh so that he can kill him; luck favors him when he came into contact with Shamsher Singh one day who now call himself Samppat. Unfortunately before Vishnu can lay hands on Samppat he manages to give him the slip. Baba then instructs Vishnu that in order to get even with Samppat he must first destroy his illegal businesses; paying heed to this Vishnu then embarked on a mission to emulate Shamsher’s businesses costing him allot of financial losses. Meanwhile Devaa grows up with a Judge and is now a police inspector who also suspects Samppat of treason but is unable to arrest him due to the lack of substantial evidences. Devaa’s romance life is Sangeeta whose daughter is none other than Samppat while Vishnu give his heart to Paro who manages a small restaurant. Samppat then gets to find out that Vishnu is behind his losses and decides to frame him for murder. The inspector assign to arrest Vishnu is none other than his very own brother Devaa but as he approaches Vishnu to arrest him he is shot at in such a way that it will look as though Vishnu is the one who shoots him. With Devaa now nursing a gun-shot wound Samppat will want to use this opportunity to get rid of Vishnu who happen to be his prime enemy.