Shekar and Amar meet at a party where Amar asks Shekar that he should come and work with him in Canada same night Amar accidentally gets killed after he is hit by Shekar ‘s car,Inspector Dmello swears that he won’t close the case until he catches the killer,Shekar goes to Amar ‘s house in Canada and confesses his father about Amar ‘s death but finds that his father has lost all his body senses after Amar ‘s death he meets Pia ,Amar’s fiance whose also in depression and trying to save Amar’s company Shah Industries,Shekar and Pia start working with each other and Shekar falls in love with Pia they both bring Shah Industries back on track and meet Abhi for future business same time Abhi falls in love with Pia,Pia also starts liking Shekar but decides to choose Abhi, Inspector Dmello comes from India to arrest Shekar,Shekar tells Pia that Amar died after he hit his car while confessing all this on phone to Pia a speeding car knocks Shekar following which he is admitted in hospital,Amar’s father who has now gained senses tells Pia that Shekar had confessed about Amar ‘s death to him on very first day but he couldn’t tell anyone he asks Pia to marry Shekar as they both love each other Pia goes to meet Shekar in hospital where he gets back to his senses after being hit by the car Abhi is now left alone,Inspector Dmello closes the file of Amar ‘s murder case and returns to India saying that Pia and Shah family need Amar the most.