Thiruchitrambalam is a movie about the love and friendship between Pazham aka Dhanush and Shobana aka Nithya Menon. Pazham’s real name is Thiruchitrambalam which is his grandfather’s name. Pazham is a delivery boy who delivers food. For 10 years he stopped talking with his father Neelakanda who is an  Inspector aka Prakash Raj as he lost his mother and sister due to an accident because of his father’s negligence while driving. Pazham is close to his childhood friend Shobhana who always supports him. Pazham falls in love with his childhood crush Anusha aka Raashii Khanna but later she rejects his proposal. Pazham’s father gets paralyzed after a fight with him. He takes care of his father and they, leave for his mother’s village for a wedding with Shobhana. Pazham meets a girl Ranjini and he asks for her number but she denies it. While traveling Pazham talks with his grandfather and he feels heartbroken as unlucky he is in love. His father makes him realize to love his childhood Shobana who has supported and taken care of him since childhood. He realizes his love and proposes to her but she tells him to forget this. Heartbroken, Pazham doesn’t talk to or meet her. Shobana decides to leave for Canada for work and tells Pazham to meet her at the airport. On his way to the airport,  Pazham’s vehicle is stopped by the police and Shobana gets on the flight. Pazham gets depressed about how he missed his chance with Shobana. Shobana is heartbroken and cries in the airplane. Shobana’s brother throws all the love letters and gifts collected by Shobana for  Pazham, where he tells him that Shobana loved Pazham since 6th grade. After one-month Pazham video calls Shobana, where she tells him that she hates Canada and she feels lonely there. She tell she wants to return back to India while Pazham tells her to turn back, she is shocked to see him there. Pazham confesses how much he loves her. They reunite with each other and get married.