The Kerala Story is based on a real-life incident. The plot follows the story of a group of women from Kerala who converted to Islam and joined the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). The movie is about 3 girls who stay in a hostel and get trapped and get converted to Islam. A girl named Shalini from Kerala will be forcibly converted to Islam as she gets pregnant by her boyfriend who is a Muslim and he ditches her. She will be trafficked to Afghanistan. One commits suicide as she is blackmailed by her boyfriend who is a Muslim. One more girl who is a Christian got raped and she gets to know her friends get trapped by their roommate who is a Muslim. Later Shalini was taken to Afghanistan and was tortured by her own husband and she tried to refugee other women. She escapes from there and the terrorists attack her but they won’t find her. She will be unconscious and she will be rescued by the police officer. She will be accused as terrorist as she had faked her name as Fatima. She explains how she has been trapped and  how her roommate brainwashed her. The police understand her story but due to lack of evidence she had to stay in prison. There are more than 32000 women who were converted.