It is an Educative story of children getting addicted to mobile games and today’s generation of children are not so enthusiastic about playing outdoor games or interested in studies. Surya(Srujan Lokesh) and Shakini(Meghana Raj) are married and living with their kids. They both work and are busy in theri life.   They are tensed and got complaints from their kid’s schools that they are playing games in tabs in school and the students are getting spoiled. The principal advises their parents not to give or buy them mobiles or tabs. Parents advise their children and try to engage them in activities. They try to change their mobile passwords but still the children got to know the password. The children try to play on mobile without the knowledge of their parents but they still get caught. They were advised to get their grandparents as they will engage them by telling stories or playing with them. They call their grandmother(Girija Lokesh) but the kids try to engage her by watching serials as the kids take her to their friend’s house Vicky so that they can play video games in their friends’ house and the parents think that their children aren’t playing on mobile. Vicky lives with his grandfather. His father and mother are carrier oriented and live in other countries. They send all imported video games to Vicky. One fine day Shalini they will get to know that their kids are using mobile and receive a complaint from the school principal and advise them to take the de-addiction mobile center. They take their children but instead of children, their parents get admitted to the center as children follow and learn from their parents. They get admitted for 10 days course where mobile shouldn’t be used until the course completes. In the center, all parents were advised to come out of the mobile world and live with nature. In that course, they were asked to get up early and watch the sunrise. Many patients were admitted there as they were addicted so much to mobiles as they can’t live without mobile. They do meditation and day by day they got to know the value of life without the mobile. After the course gets completed Surya gets dismissed from the company as he works in a mobile company. He lives the job and tries to help their children by spending time with them. But the children won’t listen and again try to play on mobile. They will be playing on mobile with their friends Vicky. Surya manages to entertain kids by wearing a spiderman costume so that the children get distracted from the mobile. He goes to every street on the road and he gets caught by the police. He explains why he doing these things and tells his story. He gets news from the police that from his building someone committed suicide. He realizes Vicky has jumped from the building when he got a challenge from a game called Blue Whale games and he dies. Vicky’s grandfather gets a call from his son and scolds him for not spending time with his son and staying in some other country.  After seeing this incident Surya kids promise their parents that they won’t use mobile or tabs. Surya try to do a campaign called “stop using mobile and come play with us”.They distribute the pamphlet everywhere the children attended the campaign and play. In the end, everyone will realize how they used to play in their childhood. It is a great message for the children and also youngsters who are addicted to online games and mobile.