A story of a boy named Mahi who lives in a village. His parents struggle to pay the loan to the bank. They try to convince the bank officials to postpone the due date but unfortunately his parents commit suicide by hanging. Then he was sent to a Christian orphanage school by a Master for the rest of his childhood. After some years He becomes a Finance Agent and owner of the company named Mahi Finance Corporation in Miami. He chases debtors who fail to repay their debts. He meets a girl named Kalavthi who will be a gambling addict and careless woman. She will meet Mahi and asks hand loan of US$10K as she had to pay her debts to many people. She tricks and lies to Mahi that she has to complete her studies and help the poor people as she lies about being in an orphanage and he falls for her play. He lends her a loan and soon he falls in love with her. Later he finds that she tricked him and he asked her to pay the loan she influences using her father’s name, Rajendranath, who is an MP Rajya Sabha member and industrialist in Vishakapatnam who runs an industrial company: Rajedranath Associates. Mahi tries to convince him to pay his daughter’s loan. Rajendranath denies paying the loan. Mahi travels to Vizag to get his money back. He sincerely requests him to pay but he tries to kill him. Mahi announces to the media about the loan repayment and reveals that Rajendranath owes him ₹10,000 crores (US$1.3 billion), and everyone gets surprised. He learns about senior State Bank official Rajakumari in an airport before arriving in Vizag that Rajendranath had trapped her by swindling the State Bank for ₹10,000 crores (US$1.3 billion) and had to seal down the bank for illegal actions and she gets arrested by the police. He manages to get a bank notice to Rajendranath, to repay the debt. Kalavathi learns about her father’s bad intentions she tries to help but Mahi denies it. He decides to protest Mahi saying the slogan Boycott banks against Rajendranath. Rajendran gets a warning from the minister that he will be dismissed from the Ministerial post. Later with help of cops, he kidnaps Mahi and tries to encounter him. The next day all the banks will, be sealed, and gets to know that Mahi is alive and he gets attacked by Rajendranath’s henchmen. He defeats them and also saves Rajendranth from the people as they were attacking him . Rajendranath learns his lesson and apologizes in front of the media and also repays the ₹10,000 crores (US$1.3 billion) loan. He also gets Rajakumari released from custody. Rajakumari thanks Mahi and he reveals that his parents took a loan from the same bank 15 years ago and were unable to pay it on time, and they committed suicide Mahi tells that the government has changed and that Sarkaru Vaari Paata must be made to the public sector and everyone.