Balu happens to be a happy go lucky guy and earns his livelihood through real estate deals. He has a good friend in the form of Kama (Komalkumar) and both of them believe in helping others to the fullest. Meanwhile, Balu also happens have a say in the neighbouring family decisions, comprising of the family head (Rangayana Raghu) and his daughter Lachchi). The entire family adores Balu for his decision making and direction. Meanwhile, an alliance comes for Lachchi and Balu, Kama discover that the boy is not the right match for her. Lachchi starts developing feelings for Balu and realizing this, he tends to maintain caution since he does not have the right kind of position to take care of her and also his belief that the respect of her family is more important than love keeps him on his feet. However, fate has something else in store for Balu and Lachchi. Her family members accept her affection for Balu and decide to marry them with each other.