After having completed his masters with honors, multi-millionaire Shekhar Verma decides to travel to Rambagh, Poona, to work incognito in his dad’s friend’s, Shankar Saxena’s office. He gets the job, goes to rent a room with his child-hood friend, Bhagwandas and his wife, Leela, where he meets with a young woman named Seeta Mathur, who is their neighbor. Shekhar also gets to meet Shankar’s daughter, Raadha. Then Shekhar’s cover is blown when his dad, Raj Bahadur Verma, comes for a visit. It is here that both Shankar and Raj Bahadur will finalize Shekhar’s marriage with Raadha. But is marriage what Shekhar is really after, especially with Raadha?