Kumar Sinha is a law student and lives a wealthy lifestyle with his dad, Sharad, who is the Public Prosector and a strong advocate of the death penalty, ex-lawyer mom, Savitri, and a sister. He is in love with the city’s beauty queen, Kiran, the daughter of widower and newspaper owner, J.B. Mathur, who detests Sharad and is an opponent of the death penalty. Sharad, however, manages to make J.B. Mathur change his mind much to delight of the young couple. Kumar, who also opposes the death penalty, decides to teach his dad a lesson when he decides to implicate himself in the murder of a prostitute named Champa. He accumulates enough evidence of his innocence and leaves it with his friend, a Journalist-turned-Editor, Anand Varma. Another friend of Kumar’s, Inspector Shyam Verma, with the help of another prostitute, Kamla, entraps Kumar and arrests him. Sharad prosecutes Kumar and despite of Savitri’s defense, Kumar is found guilty and sentenced to be hanged. While being held in prison on death-row, Kumar asks Anand to present the evidence about his innocence to the Court. Anand agrees to do so but is killed, and his body and the evidence is burnt beyond recognition. The question remains will Kumar be hanged for a crime he did not commit, and will the real killer go scot-free?