After the death of Kishen and Karan’s dad they are left destitute and struggle to survive on Bombay’s footpath. They are eventually befriend by Paro and her brother Prakash; Paro and Karan fall in love and after days of starvation and hunger Kishen decides to rob a handbag only to escape whereby he is introduced to a dreaded gangster Anna who introduced him to crime thus Kishen is able to educate Karan in a convent school and eventually send him to the United States of America for further education. After years Karan returned home as an adult with the intention of re-uniting with his brother, Kishen, his beloved Paro and her brother Prakash all of whom are now adults. He find out that Prakash is now a police inspector and they plan to meet at a spot in Delhi which happens to be a front where pigeons are fed by passers-by unfortunately Prakash is killed before Karan’s eyes by a gang of three men in a car who are recognize by Karan. Karan then vows to get Prakash’s killers prosecuted by identifying the killers before the police but Kishen wants to keep Karan away from any involvement in crime so he instructs him not to do so as the man behind this crime happens to be Kishen’s boss, Anna. Never the less Karan does not pay heed to this warning and decides to make every attempt to punish the perpetrators; meanwhile Karan webs Paro but unfortunately on their nuptial night they are cold-bloodily massacre by Anna forcing Kishen to demand revenge by assassinating Anna.