Beautiful Myna is a snake-charmer and lives with her father, Ustad, who is the head of their tribe. She is to marry his assistant, Tikora, soon. One day, Ustad finds the body of a seriously injured young man and brings it home. The man appears to have been bitten by a poisonous snake, so the Ustad charms another snake to bite him a second time and take the venom out. After sometime the man regains conscious, but is unable to remember his name or where he is from, but does wear an expensive diamond ring. Ustad and Myna decide to call him Pardesi and look after him until he regains his health and memory. Myna and Pardesi both fall in love, much to the chagrin of Tikora. Ustad then comes up with a solution to teach him all relevant snake-charming skills, thus making him a native, and be eligible to marry Myna. Tikora does not appreciate this, and wants to kill Pardesi. When Ustad opposes him, he throws him over a cliff, and Myna and Pardesi run away, fearing Tikora and his poisonous snake. A car stops by in the mountain region, and the young couple are given a lift to a palatial house, and separated. The owners of the car, Ranimaa, Savitri, and Vijay claim that Pardesi is Ajay, their son, husband, and brother respectively. Pardesi wants to leave immediately, but Myna convinces him to stay. What Pardesi/Ajay does not know that he did not have an accident, and that it was Vijay who had him thrown off a cliff, so that he can claim the entire inheritance for himself. Has fate given Vijay a second chance to do away with Ajay?