Dr Sunil Gupta, a gynecologist and Dr. Hira are partners in Prakash Nursing Home. Sunil treats his profession as an earning job unlike his father, who landed up in debt because of treating free the poor patients. Sunils’ girlfriend Yashoda too is a doctor working in a government hospital treating the profession as a service. A patient being treated by Dr Hira dies due to his negligence but he saves his skin by firing the nurse. While operating on a minister’s pregnant daughter-in-law, Manjula, Sunil is faced with a choice of saving either the mother or child. He opts for the former. The minister, Raosaheb, holds Sunil responsible for the child’s death and lodges a complaint with the medical council. Dr Hira too sides with him against Sunil, getting him suspended. Sunil, in the meanwhile, comes to know about the truth of Hira’s patient’s death from the absconding nurse. Armed with the evidence he files a case in the court and wins. Chastened Sunil decides to follow in his father’s footsteps.